Housing market rebounds in North Western Sydney: First National Stanhope Gardens

Friday 31 Jan 2020

Recently, North Western Sydney property market had witnessed one of the biggest slowdowns in the past decade. However, boosted by lower interest rates and a booming population, the housing market is all set to bounce back. Limited supply and growing demand have been some other reasons for the market rebound. We at First National Stanhope Gardens have observed increased activity as well.

Most homeowners are happy to see the market taking a turn for the better as the Sydney property market has made a quick turnaround. New data shows house prices rebounding by around $50,000 last quarter, which is a welcome sign for homeowners.

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Source: Domain

What does it mean for the homeowners?

Well, the obvious advantage for a homeowner would be a better appreciation of the value of their property.

Also, this could be one of the best times for a potential owner to buy a property. Because before long, the prices will peak, making the property less affordable. Or they will have to chuck out a larger amount to own their dream house.

It also means that this could be a good time to cash in your investment, which you were holding off during the downturn. As new occupiers are looking to capitalise on better value, current property holders can make the best of it too. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

Expert help - First National Stanhope Gardens

Property buying and selling require a lot of effort and time. It requires diligent study of the market, the property in question, location, prices, and much more. As such, it is best left to the experts. Especially if you are looking at properties in specific areas such as Stanhope Gardens, a professional real estate agent can help you a lot.

Real estate experts such as First National Stanhope Gardens are here to help you. We undertake all the essential groundwork and research so that decision making can be easy for you. You don’t have to run around scouting for your dream house all along the neighbourhood. Instead, you can leave it to the experts, who are more likely to come up with great options in less time.

Suburb - Stanhope Gardens

While buying a property, it is essential to consider the suburbs too. You can find good options in the suburbs such as Stanhope Gardens before the prices rise beyond your budget.

Stanhope Gardens has lot of potential. It is likely to attract more and more investors and homeowners as the market revives. Once the demand increases, ideally located suburbs like these could be lapped up sooner than you think. Its proximity to Sydney CBD and the availability of ideal living conditions including good connectivity makes it a great choice.

If you are new to the place or if you can’t devote much time searching for your ideal property, our team at First National Stanhope Gardens can help you. A preferred choice for couples and families, the median house price in Stanhope Gardens is expected to rise.

So, this might be an ideal time and place to buy or invest – it will either appreciate in value or give you better returns in the form of increased rent. For more information, click here.